Current. Tokyo: Shichosha, 2009.

And here, this engine is my Hestia, brought out and burning on.
The diode respiration: there a firefly glows.

Image: Current Japan edition cover

A translated edition of the chapbook Current, with the original English text and its Japanese translation placed side-by-side on facing pages. The translated lines loosely follow the original rhyme scheme, and the newly added afterword, 'In Tokyo', discusses the meaning and risk of the "return", that is, translation—of 'current', the sequence created form the viewpoint of an outsider, born from the poet's revisit to Japan.


Current. Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press, 2006.

How happy I was to show my love my hood,
And how sad it feels to show myself the trees
Swaying, so thick with their own green leaves, shaking
the, the, the off in this night breeze.

Image: Current cover

Kosuke Miyata's first poetry chapbook published in 2006. The title poem is a sequence made of 18 sections, born form his first revisit to Japan. The chapbook also contains four other poems: 'Genii,' 'Mosquitoes,' 'Mothertown' and 'Shooting Stars in Skylands'.

With a motorcycle as its Muse, this sequence takes a lyrically exuberant place in the American tradition of the poem as road movie.
——Marilyn Hacker

Among the paradoxes he realizes in his astonishing chapbook Current, Kosuke Miyata reveals how loss is built into everything we are; that inherent in the solid is the elusive—what we might call the eternal—flux tethered to matter.
——Yerra Sugarman